Pasco Fiasco-  Concerned residents of Pasco County opposing the elevated Toll Road on SR 54/56


The Pasco Fiasco is our name given to the proposed project that is now being called Florida 54 Xpress.  This privately funded elevated Toll Road would run right through the heart of southern Pasco County  along the SR54/56 corridor for a stretch of 33 miles, adversely impacting the quality of life of its residents and threatening established businesses.   Please become fully informed by accessing the information within this site about this project that will have serious implications upon the people in Pasco County.

Breaking NewsDue to recent developments, Pasco Fiasco is postponing the May 19, 2014 Rally designed to demonstrate our strong opposition to the proposed SR-54/56 Elevated Toll Road. The FDOT’s decision to reject a private firm’s unsolicited bid clearly supports our position that this proposal was neither financially sound nor compatible with the needs and desires of Pasco County residents and businesses. Additionally, a majority of the Pasco County Commissioners have publically rebuked the proposal, as well as all of the District 2 and 4 Commissioner Candidates.

5/10/2014 Tampa Tribune editorial - "A major red flag on proposed toll road"  Click here.

4/23/2014 Tampa Tribune article regarding Commissioner Wilson looking to align with Pasco Fiasco. Click here to read.

Final ULI report that urges County not to pursue toll road. Pgs 25-28 on road specifically-Click here to read

Editorials from two major Tampa papers raising concerns about elevated toll road-       Times article and Tribune article

Please watch the video where Jason Amerson befuddles Commissioner Starkey and exposes her lack of knowledge of this important project-Click here to watch

Great job by Jason Amerson in compiling this video presentation augmenting our radio interview-

Click here for you tube link
Pasco Fiasco takes over town hall meeting and gives Gehring and Starkey an earful of opposition. Please click on 3 links.  Tribune article   Times Article   ABC Action News Video

ABC Action News Coverage of BCC Meeting 2/25- Click here to view

Chief proponent of proposed elevated toll road, Richard Gehring receives $20,000 raise-Click here to read

​Great attendance at BCC meeting Tuesday with room filled with Pasco Fiasco members and dozens speaking out against the elevated road.  Important article in Tampa Tribune with new information on FDOT plans and Starkey dismissing our concerns- Click here 

Laker article on Jason Amerson and Stone Gate residents' opposition- Click here to read

TB Times Editorial opposing the Pasco elevated toll road 2/17- Click here to read

2nd consecutive day of favorable articles in both major Tampa newspapers 2/14- TB Times article and Tribune article

Big Media Day for Pasco Fiasco with articles in both the Tribune and TB Times 2/12/14- Tribune article  and TB Times article

Pasco Fiasco on ABC Action News 2/6- Click here to watch video

Pasco Fiasco in the News in TB Times Article Today 2/4-Click here to read article

Pasco County Administrator hires full time spokesman to promote elevated highway.  Click here to read article.

Pasco Toll Road Would Harm Quality of Life from Tampa Tribune- Click Here to read article

Urban Land Institute Recommends Not Proceeding with Elevated Highway- Click here to read 

Why People Don't Use the Selmon Expressway? Expect similar results with THIS toll road- Click here to read

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